Photo by: Vanessa Smith Photography

Garey House and the grounds are gorgeous settings for professional and amateur photographers alike.
Please review our Guidelines for Photography before planning a photo shoot.

Photography at Garey Park for personal use is welcome, provided the activity does not restrict public use of the park and all Garey Park rules are followed. Photography at Garey House may not occur during confirmed rental events (weddings, social functions, meetings, etc.). This includes the exterior of Garey House, the grounds, along with the adjacent upper pond.

Use of Garey House and its grounds for photography purposes (both professional and amateur) require the booking of a photography session.


Due to  COVID-19, the City of Georgetown will be limiting all photo sessions to outdoor locations only, with a maximum of 10 attendees + one photographer.  Social distancing guidelines should be adhered to – when not able to remain six feet apart, masks are required.  Garey Park is currently operating on an 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. schedule.

All photo sessions must be reserved and paid for 14 days in advance. Session dates and times are subject to availability. The hourly session fees listed below includes entrance for 2 participants and the photographer.  Additional participants or guests will be charged $2 per person.  For sessions within Garey Park, all participants or guests must pay the applicable Garey Park entry fees upon arrival to the park.

  • $75 per hour – Private after-hours session on the Garey House grounds with access to the interior of the venue
      • This fee includes an onsite supervisor to allow you access to the property after our normal operating hours and to close off the grounds to the public if your session begins during regular operating hours.
      • Sessions are offered 7 days a week with a 2 hour minimum, subject to availability.  Weekend dates are primarily unavailable. 
      • Additional fees may apply for sessions with more than 2 participants + photographer.
  • $50 per hour – Private session on the Garey House grounds with access to the interior of the venue
      • This fee includes an onsite supervisor to allow you access to Garey House and to close off the grounds to the public.
      • Sessions are only offered Monday-Thursday with a 2 hour minimum, subject to availability.
      • Entry fees included for 2 participants + photographer.
  • $30 per hour – Session on the Garey House grounds
      • Includes the exterior of Garey House, along with the lawn, ponds, etc.
      • This area will be posted as closed to the public, however there will not be an onsite supervisor present for enforcement.
      • Access to the Garey House interior is not included.
      • Entry fees included for 2 participants + photographer.
  • No reservation required – Session within Garey Park.
      • A photography session is not required to take photos within the following park spaces: Play Ranch, trails, San Gabriel River, equestrian arena, and other parkland.
      • This does not include access to the Garey House grounds or adjacent upper pond.
      • Garey Park entry fees apply for all participants.


Due to COVID-19 concerns, Garey House is offering outdoor only photo sessions until further notice.

  • Submit the online Photography Session Request.
  • Payment is due in full at the time of reservation.
  • Sessions must be booked a minimum of 14 days in advance.
  • Walk-in sessions for Garey House are not permitted.  Walk-in sessions for other park areas will be accommodated.


  • Photographers and guests must adhere to all Garey Park rules.
  • All activities must be coordinated during Garey Park’s regular hours of operation.  Photo sessions must end 15 minutes prior to the posted closing time and all guests must exit the park prior to closing.
  • Photographers and guests may not interfere with other park guests.
  • Due to ADA compliance, there is no access to the second floor of Garey House.
  • Park features must not be modified in any way. Everything is to be enjoyed and used as a background.
  • Park only in designated parking lots.  Parking in grass and along roadways is prohibited.
  • Stay out of the flowerbeds. This includes equipment.
  • Dogs must remain on leash at all times.
  • The land across the San Gabriel River is private property. No trespassing is allowed.
  • For photos published online or in print, the location(s) should be listed as follows: “Garey Park, Georgetown, Texas” or “Garey House, Georgetown, Texas”


  • Sessions must be cancelled at least two days prior to the reservation date to receive a refund. Rentals cancelled within two days of the session date will not receive a refund.
  • Inclement Weather or Department Cancellation. In the event of inclement weather or department cancellation, a full refund will be given. Rescheduling may also be considered.
  • Refunds will be processed in the form of a check from the City of Georgetown. Allow two weeks for processing.


Members of the news media are welcome to photograph or take videos for news coverage. If you are working on a news story, please contact us at (512) 930-6800 to arrange a visit to Garey Park.